Here are some of the most advantageous services we offer...

General Construction, rehabilitation, and renovation.

Building construction, painting, concreting, road & concrete pavement, and carpentry.

Epoxy Flooring (Resin)a. 3mm to 6mm Mortar, Self Leveling PU, Epoxy Tank Lining, Hi-Chem Epoxy System, Weinscoating, and Coving. **FOOD GRADE & SOLVENT BASED**

Anti Static/ESD Flooring

Waterproofing. Torch-applied Membrane, Elastomeric, Cementitious, Cementitious w/ Fiberglass Matting System, PU (weather resistant) Waterproofing. **FOOD GRADE & SOLVENT BASED**

Services (de-clogging)a. Preventive maintenance, Piping network & drains, Integrity check using Optic camera, and other plumbing services.

Fabrication (stainless steel, iron-works) Steel gratings, metal louvers, doors, stainless steel railings, window frames, gates, stainless tables, chairs & racks, billboard frames, and other metal works.

Electrical Works. Wiring, re-wiring, repairs, and Supplies. (OMNI Products Distributor)

3D Measuring System, CNC & CMM

Low and High Power Scope System

Environmental Test Chambers

Plastic and LGP Injection Machine

Magnifiers and Microscope Accessories<

Degreaser for Different Applications

Ball Attacher, Flux Wash Machine, Plasma, Burn-in, Test Oven, On-loader, Off loader, Sprint line 2000

Automation Equipment for Electronics Production

Electrical Calibration

Flow Calibration

Stop Watch/Timer Calibration

Temperature Calibration

Pressure Calibration

pH Calibration

Level Calibration

Dimensional Calibration

Force Calibration

Speed Calibration

(Maedan Enterprise Inc. / H & Design Studio Inc.)


Combination Blinds, Roller Blinds, Curtain – Fabrics & System Hardware, Upholstery – Fabrics,

Facemask, Headcap, Gloves


Cleanroom and ESD Safe Wipers, Swabs, and Stationeries

Nitrilite ESD Gloves

Prefilter and Hepa Fan Filters

ESD Equipment and Consumables

Cleanroom Tapes, Stickers, and Sticky Mats

Dispensing Equipment and Components

Filter and Verification System

TOC Analyzer

Solder Paste, Solder Wire

Cleanroom Fabrics and Uniforms, ESD Shoes & Other Accessories

Cleaning Solutions/Solvents for Different Applications

Cleanroom Furniture, Display Racks, Pallet Racking, Mobile Shelving,


ESD Safe Gloves, Top Fit, Palm Fit, Full Liner Gloves



Chemical Adhesives Epoxies

LED Light/Bulbs

Valves and Actuators

Industrial Process Instruments

Sensing & Control Devices

Industrial Control Products

Electronic Cleaner

SIEMENS SMD Placement System for speed and precision

SMT Equipment Spare Parts

Nikko PCB Rack (Japan)

Systronic – Stencil & PC Board Cleaner

Autoveyor Conveyor System

REHM Reflow Ovens

APE Rework Station

Viscom PCBA Inspection System & X-Ray Systems

RED-E-SET Board Support

DEK Screen Printer

OKANO (S) Pte. Ltd.

If there are products or services not listed here that you want, please ask us since we do not list all products and services available on our website since many ask for custom designs and unique services.

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